Repair KIT Whirlpool Laden Ignis LNK304 R020 L1373 L1782 L1790 L1799 L2158 L2524

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Seller: psokol78 (1,610) 99.7%, Location: Wroclaw, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 202500018807 If you are looking at my auction it means that you have an issue with a defective Control Board in the washing machine or dryer Whirlpool, Bauknecht, Polar, Laden, Ignis brand. Boards have marking L1373, L1782, L1790 (dryer), L1799, L2158, L2524. Pictures of boards in the gallery. In these machines power supply gets burned very often. The LNK304, 22Ohm resistor (or 33Ohm) R020 and L003 0,47mH choke (470uH) are burnt like on the pictures. . Thanks to my set repir kit you can save a lot of money! I worked in the electronics design department in Whirlpool (in Poland) and dealt with the problems with the quality of Control Boards. They were produced by different companies. First Bitron and Invensys, then Flextronics (replacing Invensys). Board for dryers was produced by Diehl Controls Polska (marked DCP and Diehl AKO) The programmer has been used in many models of washing machines Whirlpool Bauknecht, Laden, IgnisAWO AWE AWD / eg. AWE4316 / AWO / D41105 / Polar PTL 1000 pfl 1019 Whirlpool dryer AWZ414 and many other power supply which is based on an integrated circuit LNK304P. Repair Kit consists of: - U002 - LNK304PN - R020 - 22 Ohm wire resistor / 3W (stronger than the original 2W) + 33Ohm for L1799, L2158, L2524. I also have 27 Ohm resitor, if you need it for any other board. Just notify me by email if you need it. - L003 - 0.47mH choke (470μH) /0.5A (better than the original, which has only 0.3A) - C022, C023 - 2 x capacitor 4.7μF / 400V 105 ° (low ESR, to last 5000 hours instead of 2000 as in the original) - D029, D030 - 2 x 1N4007 diode - D006 - 200 V zener diode ( 3EZ200), DZ006 in L1799, L2158, L2524 - RV07 - varistor fi 10mm (originally only 7mm) - Repair Manual. - Repair Kit is not a complete Control Board! On the boardL1790 for dryers, components have different designators: U3 - LNK304PN; R47 - resistor 22 Ohm/3W; L1 - choke 0.47mH (470µH)/0.5A; C17, C18 - 2 x electrolytic capacitor 4.7µF/400V 105°; D15, D18 - 2 x diode 1N4007 (marking 1N4007); D24 - Zener diode 200 V; RV02 - varistor fi 10mm Can cope with the repair? Repair does not require any special skills, and certainly those who used the soldering iron will manage the rapir. To repair soldering is required if you do not have your own ask your friends. Repair is succesfull in 90-95% of the cases, so it's worth a try! Diagnosis of Damage: If the machine is completely dead, when you turn lights nothing we suspect damage to the Control Board. Typically, the inverter is damaged LNK304, resistor R020 and L003 choke. Sometimes the diode D029, D030, D006 and varistor RV07. We also recommend exchanging our electrolytic capacitors, better quality, to extend the life of the Control Board. Remember that before getting to the Control Board unplug the machine. Reason for failure: You can read ead a lot of information how manufacturerers design deviced do break just after warranty period. Well, there are two causes. These Control Boards were designed in Italy and unfortunately were one of the greatest failures Whirlpool, which cost the company tens of millions of euros. And the second reason is the excessive emphasis on the savings and usage of components with the lowest possible parameters to ensure correct operation. Tips for repairs: 1) The Control Board (some verisons) has a protective coating that must be removed (scratched away, or heated with soldering iron). 2) Old components must be removed and new ones need to be assembled on the board in accordance with drawings. Note U002 LNK components, all diodes and capacitors must be soldered in the right direction. Stripe on the element indicating the polarity (the notch on the U002 LNK304) should be directed as shown. For R022 resistor, inductor L003 and varistor RV07 does not matter. 3) Check of the repaired board neds to be performed in the washing machine. Board has non-isolated power supply. On the board there is a high voltage which could cause electric shock. To check outside the machine, we recommend using the isolation transformer. 4) After the repair, clean the Control Board secure with urethane lacquer, you can use a nail lacquer protecting the system against moisture. 5) If after repairing machine is alive - but does not start and F23 error is displayed than the cause of failure was probably electric surge that damaged the power supply and the heater - the heater should be replaced with a new one. Repair kit fit those models and many more: Bosch: WOR20155PL, WOT20255PL, WOT 24255P Bauknecht: HDW7001, WA5345, WA54DI, WA5565, WA74SD, WACARE544DI, WACARE544DI1, WACARE544SD, WACARE644DI, WACARE644SD, WACARE654DI, WACare654SD, WAECO130DI, WAGH61, WAGH62, WAI2642, WAK14, WAK24, WAK3462, WAK4612, WAK61, WAK6100, WAK6114, WAK6145, WAK62, WAKP7120, WAPLUS624BW, WAPLUS624SD, WAPLUS624TDi, WAPLUS734Di, WASENSITIVE34DI, WASensitive44Di, WASTAR56EX, WASTAR66EX, WASTAR67EX, WASUPER14, WAT710, WAT720, WATCARE40SD, WATCARE42SD, WATCare50SD, WATCare52SD, WATDR1, WATECO10DI, wateco9560, WATPlatinum32DI, WATPLUS520DI, WATPLUS522DI, WATPLUS620DI, WATPLUS622DI, WATPrime550SD, WATPrime552SD, WATUNIQ622Di, WMTEcostar6Di, Cylinda: TT150, TT162, Gala: GL0612BI, GL12061T, GL806T, Gorenje: WT62082, Ignis: AWP1406, IFL5100, IFL5120, IGS5080, IGS6100, IGSM6000, ITL5100, ITL5110, LEI812, LOE1007, LOE1070, LOE1071, LOE6001, LOE7001, LOE8001, LTE1055, LTE106801, LTE5101, LTE5210, LTE6010CITY, LTE6027, LTE6100, LTE6210, LTE6212, LTE6310, LTE7046, LTE7155, LTE8027, LTE8106, LTE81062, LTE8206, Laden: EV1045, EV1047, EV1049, EV1056, EV1060, EV1061, EV1065, EV1155, EV1156, EV1159, EV1160, EV1161, EV1164, EV1167, EV1170, EV1171, EV1187, EV1255, EV1260, EV1261, EV1262, EV1263, EV1267, EV1268, EV1269, EV1270, EV1273, EV8026, EV9547, EV9555, FL1281, FL1469, FL1481, FL2610, FL2711, FL2800, FL2821, FL4611, FL4621, FL4711, FL4720, Maytag: MFW0610DWT, MFW0812DWT, MFW1006DWT, MP: MWBI6012, Polar: PFLC51009P, PFLC51021P, PFLC51221P, PFLC61000, PFLC61002P, PFLC61032P, PFLC61200, PFLC61202P, PFLC61232P, PFLC71232P, PFLC71432P, PFLS51201P, PFLS51231P, PFLS61002P, PFLS61032P, PTL1016D, PTL1019, PTL1021D, PTL1061, PTL1061D, PTL1109, PTL1261D, PTL61003D, PTL61203D, PTL819, PWA1020, PWA10272, PWA80272, Proline: PTL1155E, PTL1155F, Smeg: TLS1062, TLS65, TLS861, Tegran: TS1016, TS4057, Whirlpool: AWC7085N, AWC7100N, AWE1066, AWE22141, AWE2215, AWE2217, AWE2221, AWE2239, AWE23151, AWE2316, AWE23161, AWE2320, AWE2322, AWE2419, AWE25161, AWE2519P, AWE2550, AWE4519, AWE4519P, AWE50210, AWE50510, AWE50610, AWE5080, AWE5080N, AWE5090, AWE5100, AWE5125, AWE5200, AWE5205, AWE5211, AWE5215, AWE55208, AWE5521, AWE5525, AWE55510, AWE55610, AWE55611, AWE55710, AWE55711, AWE55711R, AWE5727, AWE58021GR, AWE6010, AWE60110, AWE60410, AWE60510, AWE60610, AWE60710, AWE6075N, AWE6080, AWE6080N, AWE6081, AWE6085D, AWE6085N, AWE6090N, AWE6095D, AWE6100, AWE6100D, AWE6100N, AWE6101, AWE61010GR, AWE6109, AWE6111, AWE6112, AWE6120N, AWE6125, AWE6211, AWE6213, AWE6214, AWE6215, AWE6217, AWE6221, AWE6230, AWE6235, AWE6237, AWE63141, AWE63161, AWE6317, AWE6318, AWE63771, AWE64151, AWE6416, AWE6510, AWE6511, AWE6514, AWE65141, AWE6515, AWE6516, AWE65161, AWE6517, AWE6519, AWE6519P, AWE6520P, AWE6521, AWE6522, AWE65260P, AWE65360P, AWE65391, AWE6560, AWE6607, AWE6608, AWE6610, AWE6614, AWE6617, AWE6619, AWE6628, AWE6629, AWE6650, AWE66610, AWE66710, AWE6688, AWE6735, AWE6761, AWE7109, AWE7115P, AWE72360P, AWE7236P, 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WTLS1262, WTLS55712, WTLS60612, WTLS60710, WTLS60712, WWDC4306, WWDC4406, WWDC6210, WWDC6400, WWDC7124, WWDC7410, WWDC8001. 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