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Greek Bouzouki Chord Bible 1,728 Chords

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Verkäufer: fretted-friends (2,600) 100%, Artikelstandort: Bristol, Bristol, Versand nach: Europe, JP, AU, Artikelnummer: 311974314712 THE GREEK BOUZOUKI CHORD BIBLE 1,728 CHORDS!!! The Greek Bouzouki Chord Bible is the most extensive reference guide currently available for this popular instrument, featuring some 1,728 chord shapes + 576 possible moveable chord positions + 144 major slash chords. These are divided up into 68 different chord types in all 12 keys. The format is uncomplicated, suiting both seasoned professionals and beginners alike. For the experienced musician, the book is filled with a comprehensive selection of hard to find chords. To accompany the chords, Tobe A. Richards has included a comprehensive explanation of chord contruction and general information on tuning the Greek bouzouki, together with useful fretboard and reference diagrams. Each chord box or window includes information on which finger to use, where to place them on the fretboard and the harmonic interval for each string. CFAD standard tuning is featured throughout, which will suit both folk and general popular music enthusiasts, making the Greek bouzouki as accessible an instrument as the guitar, banjo or mandolin. The 110-page book is US letter size (8.5" x 11") featuring large clearly readable chord window diagrams. Cabot Books in association with Fretted Friends has been publishing specialised books on fretted musical instruments since 2005. Our guides are being utilised by musicians and teachers all around the world. Content Details: • 1,728 different chords in all 12 keys with 68 different different types (again in all 12 keys) • Details of harmonic intervals with every chord box • 144 Major slash chords in all keys • 576 possible moveable chord configurations • CFAD standard tuning • Chords utilising open string configurations • Suggested fingering positions • Detailed bouzouki family factfile and tunings guide • Alternative chord name chart • Fretboard and tuning diagrams • Information on chord construction • General advice • Blank chord window section for jotting down your ideas Standard Chords covered in the Greek Bouzouki Chord Bible (using the key of C as an example): C, Cm, C7, Cm7, C5, C6, Cm6, Cmaj7, Cdim, Cdim7, C-5, C+, Csus2, Csus4, C7sus4, Cm7-5, Cadd9, Cmadd9, C6add9, Cm6add9, C7-5, C7+5, C7-9, C7+9, Cm(maj7), Cmaj7-5, Cmaj7+5, C9, Cm9, Cmaj9, C11, C13. Advanced Chords covered in the Greek Bouzouki Chord Bible (using the key of C as an example): C4, Cadd11, Csus4add9, Cm-6, C7sus2, C7-5-9, C7-5+9, C7+5-9, C7+5+9, C7add11, C7add13, C7+11, Cm7-5-9, Cm7-9, Cm7add11, Cmaj7+11, C9sus4, C9-5, C9+5, C9+11, Cm9-5, Cm(maj9), Cmaj9-5, Cmaj9+5, Cmaj9+11, Cmaj9add6, C11-9, Cm11, Cmaj11, C13sus4, C13-5-9, C13-9, C13+9, C13+11, Cm13, Cmaj13. Major Slash Chords covered in the Greek Bouzouki Chord Bible (using the key of C as an example): C/C, C/Db, C/D, C/Eb, C/E, C/F, C/F#, C/G, C/Ab, C/A, C/Bb, C/B. Salient Points: • For the beginner or professional musician! • Instant access to almost any chord in any key! • 68 different types of chord in ALL keys - many more than most non-specialist chord dictionaries! • Almost certainly the only Greek Bouzouki chord dictionary you'll ever need! FAQs. Q: Are the chords in this guide based on theoretical chord knowledge alone, rather than actual 'hands on' experience? A: Absolutely NOT, every chord in the Chord Bible has been created with an actual instrument on hand to check for voicing, fingering and average hand/finger span. Q: Will I need all the chords in this guide? A: Probably not, but the whole ethos behind these guides is to provide a complete chord solution for the musician wanting to pick up virtually any songbook in the certain knowledge that he/she will find that elusive chord in the Chord Bible, from basic majors and minors up to exotic extended thirteenths. Q: I'm a beginner, will The Greek Bouzouki Chord Bible be suitable for me? A: Yes, it has a well balanced selection of easy to play chords, along with more advanced shapes for experienced musicians. Q: What is the difference between the Tetrachordo and Trichordo Greek bouzoukis? The Tetrachordo has 4 double courses of strings tuned to CFAD (and the subject of this book), whereas the Trichordo has three double courses of strings tuned to DAD or EBE. Q: Do you do a Chord Bible for any other members of the bouzouki family of instruments? A: Yes, we also publish titles for the Irish bouzouki (GDAD and GDAE tunings), tenor mandola, octave mandolin, mandolin, cittern (longscale and shortscale), waldzither, Portuguese guitar (Coimbra and Lisboa tunings). Q: Will this Chord Bible help me play from any songbook? A: Yes. You'll be able to pick up virtually any artist or compilation songbook, fakebook or Busker book with guitar or piano chords in and look up the chords you need in the Chord Bible. It really is as easy as that! Q:Tell me about your shipping policy A: All of our books are now printed to order from specific locations within Europe and North America. This allows us to keep costs down and offer free standard shipping for all European customers (via and American customers (via You will receive a tracking number from us a few days after we've received your order. During holiday periods such as Christmas or for specific occasions such as birthdays, it's advisible not to order at the last minute as we can't guarantee that your order will reach you in time. Q:Tell me about your returns policy A: Before ordering, it's also advisible to ensure that you're ordering the correct title as any returns must be sent back to our UK address, using either the same packing materials or a stiff cardboard mailing envelope. Returns in floppy Jiffy-style bags will not be accepted. A few comments from customers of The Greek Bouzouki Chord Bible: "Very happy with item and speedy delivery,a great book clear and easy to read super reference book." (Byron P. UK) "Everything you need! this is really a bouzouki bible. there is nothing missing. it is clear and my father in law who has never played bouzouki himself taught himself using this book!" (Toty UK) "Not very commonly published information here….seriously, look around, how many bazooka books are there out there? This is a great entry and continuing level supplement for enjoying this great instrument. Yasass!" (DVD Watcher USA) "I recently bought an Irish/Greek bouzouki (not always interchangeable..caution). This book is a detailed pictorial representation of all the chords for the C F A D tuning in the Greek bouzouki. The root note and the others are indicated in numeric form below the diagrammatic picture of the fingerboard, which is more informative than just the root note in most other books. The pages are A4 in size so it fits well on a stand. I think anyone learning Greek bouzouki will need this as a reference. The language is English however the chord diagrams are universal. Recommended." (Publisher's note: the book is now US Letter size 8.5" x 11") (Christopher C. UK) "Great book, Arrived fast and in mint condition!!!!!!!!!!!!11111" (Markos M. UK) "Conforme a mes souhaits" (Denis H. France) "Does exactly what it says on the tin! very satisfied thank you ++++++++++++++++++" (Mark W. UK) "Great book. Pages are spaced nicely with large, visible charts." (Dawn USA) "Prompt delivery great book" (Con M. Australia) "Quick delivery - very good book" (Gail S. UK) "Excellent item, A1 eBayer. Thanks!" (Daniel S. UK) "Smooth transaction (fast shipping)/Comprehensive & useful book (very well done)!" (Jean-Michel D. Belgium) "fast delivery, great service...thanks for your professionlism" (Aris M. UK) "Great book+++++A+++Highly Recommended Seller+++Thank You" (Anthony O. UK) "Delighted with goods and service and delivery time. Thank you very much!" (Glenys R. UK) "I am just starting to discover the book and it is very good..." (Jean-Marc L. Denmark) "Excellent item super quick service" (Costas K. UK) "Excellent - Well Packaged, great item" (Chris I. UK) "Very convenient" (Michael M. USA) "Great book, quick delivery, highly recommended seller" (John J. UK) "A****** Fantastic book I got playing right away!!! great A*******"" (Athina V. UK) "Excellent service, interesting book, brilliant reference for the future" (Stuart H. UK) Format: 8.5" x 11" Softback Book (110 pages) ISBN: 978-1-906207-30-4 Method of Payment: US Buyers: PayPal Shipping UK/Europe Standard: Free UK Europe Priority: £4.35 See chart for full details Important Ordering Information All non-US customers please include your telephone number. It's a requirement for our distributors/couriers. Thank you. Your order will be shipped directly from the US. This reflects the shipping times. Shipping times are approximate and will often be quicker than stated. The shipping times exclude non-business days and public holidays. Please check our feedback for 100% perfect rating!!! 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